We are here to deliver the greatest service and value to implement a cost-effective privileged access management solution that meets the regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiency

Professional Services

MasterSAM Professional Services team is well trained to help you define and implement strategic approaches to manage privileged access effectively across your IT infrastructure. Our long history of innovative products, customer trusts and excellent services are proven to set us apart and continue to be the leader in this marketspace. Many organizations failed to see the value of their investment into privileged access management solution, ended up going back with traditional & manual process, resulting the product capabilities and values are not being capitalized, and sooner it becomes obsolete. To maximize the value from MasterSAM product investment, we believe the RIGHT PROCESS & STRATEGY are the critical success factors. MasterSAM Professional Services team has rich of experiences and expertise to work with your team to understand the business objectives and technical requirements, thus propose the best practice of deployment model.

Assessment Study

  • Identify and analyse business & technical requirements
  • Understand existing IT environment and security policies
  • Conduct interview with users from different team/role and understand their current operation process & challenges
  • Define the scope of work

Architecture Planning

  • Design architecture plan and hosting model
  • Define business contingency plan during disaster
  • Develop deployment and testing strategy


  • Product installation and configuration
  • Conduct user acceptance testing
  • Build security policies and fine tuning
  • System customization and integration


  • Conduct awareness workshop to respective stakeholders
  • User and admin training
  • Hands-on installation and configuration
  • Quick refreshment program for newly on-board staffs

Project Management

  • End to end project management lifecycle
  • Manage stakeholder’s perspective
  • Delivery of documentation


  • Understand and perform gap analysis
  • Recommendation of best security practice and policies
  • Perform assessment based on regulatory compliance e.g. PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27002 and more

Integration & Customization

  • Understand business objectives & requirements
  • Conduct assessment on third party solution’s API
  • Offer system integration & customization

Post Deployment

  • System health check and performance monitoring
  • Monitor usage and manage user adoption
  • Revise and keep Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) up-to-date
  • Regular assessment of system configuration and audit changes

Maintenance Support

  • Provide standard 8x5 and premium 24x7 support with unlimited email, telephone and remote access
  • Offer onsite support service
  • Provide customized support plan to suits different business needs
  • Issue troubleshooting and escalation procedure
  • Deliver preventive maintenance program
  • Conduct root cause analysis and provide incident report
  • Broadcast of new product release
  • Conduct customer satisfaction review