MasterSAM Frontline

“At once, I was wondering if any of my IT staffs are still using open source client at their desktop, which is against my corporate policy. MasterSAM Frontline gives me the answer, and I can generate a proof of evidence.“
- Vice President of Security Monitoring, Health Care Industry

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MasterSAM Frontline

Global statistic shows that 48% of users are still running their desktop on Windows 7, while 22% of users have migrated or start using Windows 10, followed by 9% on Windows XP and 8% on Windows 8.1. Due to its popularity, Windows based desktop is always the targeted platform for hackers to launch their attacks. Targeted attacks can easily bypass endpoint security despite having multi-layered protection such as anti-virus, encryption, anti-phishing, IPS/IDS and more. In this context, endpoint/desktop monitoring capability must go beyond perimeter intrusion detection. Organizations need to ensure full visibility of critical activities performed on endpoints, as part of the overall strategy in endpoint protection.

MasterSAM Frontline provides the monitoring capability to record activities while users access the critical system or application at their desktop/endpoint. With its flexible policy, organizations can choose to monitor specific program or application, either in full screen or active windows mode. Malicious file or program can be configured to facilitate the real time notification upon the detection of its launch. Besides detection approach, MasterSAM Frontline also provides capability to help organizations to enforce least privilege principle and apply stringent granular access control over critical system objects.

Supported Platforms:

Least Privilege Principle
  • Ensure users are assigned with the least privilege by default
  • Reduce the risk of attack surface for users that are granted with full administrator rights at all time
  • Best practice for industry and compliance regulations
Role Based & Dynamic Privilege Escalation
  • Flexible & intuitive management of privileges according to user’s role
  • On demand privilege escalation based on authorized period
  • No involvement of privileged password
Centralised Management & Session Control
  • Connected and managed centrally via MasterSAM Privilege Management System (PMS)
  • Option to automatically terminate user session upon exceeding the approved duration, or allow session continuity with exceptional alert
100% Surveillance Engine For User Session Recording
  • Record each access to endpoint – regardless methods of login (remote, console, leapfrogging)
  • Option to record the entire session, by specific program/application or active windows
  • Achieve full transparency and disclosure
In-depth Granular Access Control
  • Restrict system object access to file/folder, registry, service, shared folder and event viewer
  • Support whitelist & blacklist rules
  • Non-intrusive and works on top of Windows GPO
  • Immediate enforcement without re-login
  • Enforcement still intact despite connection failure with centralised management server
Compliance & System Integrity Check
  • Track modifications on sensitive file/folder, shared folder and process lifecycle
  • Detect non-compliant endpoints against the enterprise baseline password policy & simple password
  • Detect users that are member of Administrators group
  • Detect default administrator account not being renamed
  • Detect guest account not being disabled
  • Scan and detect privileges on the system