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MasterSAM is an innovative Privilege User Access Management solution
(a.k.a, PUAM, PUM, PAM) since 2004.

MasterSAM suite of PUAM solution consists of 3 major components


These are Innovative Privilege Management, Total Surveillance Audit & Dynamic Access Control vertical solutions, integrated in one seamless suite to equip organization with the most effective tools to:-

  • Manage every privilege access onto systems –Web based approval work flow
  • Monitor, log & record every user’s activity onto system – enforces transparency
  • User access & activity with his/her own identity -- enforces end-to-end accountability
  • NO shared Privilege ID login required  -- enforces least privilege access & no hiding behind anonymous ID (e.g., root, administrator, …)
  • Ensures roles & duty segregation with easy delegation to independent 3rd party
  • Role based granular access control
  • Enforces access policy of user’s activity onto system
  • Exceptional alerts on access policy violation
  • In compliance to world class compliance and stringent guidelines (e.g., PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 17799 (27001),IBTRM, GPIS,…)

MasterSAM is a customer-focus organization which sole purpose of existence since 2004 is known to provide Innovative Privilege Access Management + Total Surveillance + Dynamic Access Control. Its progressive innovation, technology achievement and its responsive customer support service has earned its leading position to continue its growth with its customers since 2004…

When customers invest in MasterSAM, they invest into a solution which grows with them overtime. MasterSAM always sets the pace of innovation for others to follow. Please check out our technology achievements record & innovative deployment options.

With our innovative quest for excellence, we always do well in meeting the stringent guidelines published by various compliance & regulatory organizations. Please refer to our compliance fulfilment or contact us at info@mastersam.com for more info.

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